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Perhaps there is nothing more irritating than a slothfully running computer (I might not call it running, too). You are in the midst of an assignment that has to be submitted the next day, and dear PC is irresponsive like the sleeping beauty of fairy tales. What would be your first remedy? I knew the answer; the Task Manager. But is it the best way to know the causes of this sluggish performance? Absolutely, no! Besides giving you the basic information about reasons of slow running system, the Task Manager does not do much. There are certain applications available on the internet for this specific purpose, which are there to be downloaded and get benefit from. Let us discuss few such applications in this article.

1. AnVir Task Manager:

This tool does everything that you want to do with your PC i.e. pacing up the Windows start up and otherwise performance of processor, enhancing the Windows, replacing the usual Task Manager, removing malware and monitoring the on-going processes in the Windows. In short, you get access to almost every corner of your PC, and it allows you to manage and organize the programs at start-up, so that you delete the unwanted ones and boost up the speed of your computer. You get command over about 100 hidden Windows settings through this one master application.

2. What’s Running 3.0:

It offers an inside look in to the PC as to whatever program is running and thus, slowing down the PC’s performance. Its major features include inspecting the processes and getting information on the memory and processor usage, giving information about all the active IP connections in the computer, examining the running as well as stopped services, informing about all, drivers, dll:s and exe:s running in the system, managing start-up programs and informing about system like registered user, installed memory, processor, operating system and its version. It is a free to download application.

3. System Explorer:

It gives you details about the opened files, drivers, start-ups, connections, services, IE add-ons, tasks, modules, processes, uninstallers and Windows. If you feel that a file might be infected by malware, this program gets it checked by VirusTotal or Jotti observe process activity, it offers Action History. Performance graphs, system snapshots, system reports and tray hint are few prominent features. It offers Multilanguage and plugins supports, online file reviews, and System Additional Info. This software is free to use.

4. Process Explorer:

This software is a product of Microsoft. Though it does not cater the start-up programs issue, it is a decent program to sort out the dll and handle related problems. It launches a window showing you (in colours) what programs are running in your system at that moment. It is not necessary that you are familiar with every program present in your system; therefore there is an internet search option for any such program that sounds unfamiliar to you. This can easily be done only by right clicking at the word and choosing the option of “search online.” It is certainly a perfect task manager for your computer.

5. Process Hacker:

This is another tool for checking the performance of your system and managing it. It shows the running processes, full lists of services and network connections, gives full control over all the processes, and finds hidden processes as well as dismisses them.

These programs can make your computer run faster than ever before by cleaning it up of all the excess and unwanted running programs and freeing space in memory. Most of them are free to download and use, so download them today and enjoy a faster system.

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  1. Windows Task Manager Apps helpful for terminating unwanted applications.

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