Nokia is connecting people through it smartphones, cell phones and other gadgets. Keeping in the view the use and misuse of smartphones Nokia conducted a research to analyze the intensity of infection in cellular network which is mostly caused due to Smartphones. Smartphones are facilitating our lives, but as a matter of fact, these smart gadgets have put many people in trouble regarding the security issue. Keeping in view this issue Nokia conducted this research to create awareness among users.

Adware is the major cause of infection in smartphones, it displays unwanted ads from the unwanted sites and become a major cause of malware attack. This rate falls from 0.75% to 0.45% in the 2nd half of 2015, thanks to the turn down in adware activity but now again its rising. According to the findings (Nokia Threat Intelligence Lab) about Smartphone contribute 60% of infections in mobile networks. You will be surprised to read that Android smartphones are more vulnerable to this malware attack as compared to the windows phones.

If you are an iPhone user, you will be aware of XcodeGhost and Flexispy, surprisingly iPhone malware infections is 6% (6% to 60%). Chinese developers used a software kit to introduce some innovative apps but unfortunately this kit became a major source of malware attack. Although Apple eradicated these apps from Apple online store, but still its effects are affecting the cell phones.

Head of Nokia Threat Intelligence Lab Kevin McNamme said, “Security is a very real concern for any device with an IP address, be it Android, iPhone or even a Windows PC connected to the mobile network. While Android infections continue to rise and become more sophisticated, the Nokia Threat Intelligence Report from late 2015 was the first time we saw iOS malware make our top 20 list, with XcodeGhost being the fourth most prevalent malware detected. We also saw a rise in a variety of ransomware apps that try to extort money by claiming to have encrypted the phone’s data. Nokia’s security approach reaches into the network to stop malware before getting to the device itself and before damage can occur.”

Mobile malware brings lots of complications in life and for the gadgets. The worst dilemma is inability to uninstall and sometimes you have to submit your phone to refresh the settings so be careful.

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