Just because you love your business and think it’s better than all the competition out there, it certainly doesn’t mean that everybody else will.

Leading the pack in your particular niche and creating a brand that resonates with customers and that they’ll want to return to again and again doesn’t just happen overnight. Building and maintaining a truly successful business takes time, patience and tenacity. Once you’ve exhausted your list of friends and family, who are you going to turn to in order to keep the orders flowing in?

Many businesses use the services of a professional lead generation company to help them stay one step ahead of the competition by both utilising the data available to them about your existing customers and helping to generate scores of potential new ones.

However, a degree of basic sales knowledge is an essential skill for any business owner and knowing how to plan and execute a successful lead generation campaign will help turn your business from small and local to a global enterprise with just a bit of hard work and determination.

Quality over quantity

Lead generation is, to a certain degree, a numbers game. You need to have enough potential new customers to churn through to allow for the inevitable ‘no’ from a percentage of them. However, buying huge lists of ‘names’ will not guarantee you success and should not be the basis of your lead generation campaign.

It is far better to uncover a small amount of genuinely interested parties that you can spend quality time engaging with and nurturing, rather than reams of mildly curious consumers who are likely to spurn your advances anyway.

Use what’s available to you

For anyone new to the power of the internet or SEO, you’ll be amazed at the wealth of information already available to you at the touch of a button. The trick is knowing how to extract this information from your digital portals and use it to your advantage.

Your social media platforms should already be filled with groups of people ready and waiting to engage with your brand, but remember to keep a good ratio of engaging content and sales messages or you will find you lose people as quickly as you find them.

A good web analytics program will help you uncover valuable information about visitors to your site including their shopping habits, seasonal trends and the content that converts the best. Having this information at your disposal will help identify targets for your next lead generation campaign.

Collect valuable data

Long gone are the days where attending a few trade shows was enough to keep you in business for years and years.  In today’s digital age it’s virtually impossible to capture leads without the help of your website, and in order to do this you’ll need to create and publish a data capture form.

Avoid asking too many personal questions up front as this will only drive people away. Keep questions brief initially – maybe collect just enough information to be able to provide a basic quote, with the intention of collecting more data further down the line.

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