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The snow leopard version of Mac OS X is its seventh operating system which came into existence in August, 2009. This version’s main focus is increased efficiency, performance and increasing it s overall memory foot print from the earlier versions. When this OS came to the local markets People face some very important issues regarding its performance.

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Now to overcome the customer complaints apple has launched an update for the snow leopard version. An important problem with the previous snow leopard version was that it lets the date to get deleted when using a guest account, but now Apple is claiming to have fixed this problem.

Some other security issues were also involved in the details concerning bad performance of the Mac OS X snow leopard version, like people were reporting of some security issues involved plus there was a problem in OS which cause people log off the system unexpectedly. These all issues forced apple to launch some new system which would sort out these and now finally Apple has launched an update for the previous version and they are claiming that the above mentioned issues and others have been resolved.

This new version is named as 10.6.2 version and for the client and server it is available as a free update on Apple’s web site. Now all the people are keeping their fingers crossed to see the performance of this new OS to be as effective as claimed.

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