You want to drop it and drive it. So consider this: there are tons of lowering kits out there for trucks, but in my opinion there’s only one brand you should consider if quality, value, and ease of installation are your main concerns. And that brand is Ground Force. When it comes to F150 lowering kits, there is no brand out there that combines those qualities together in a more affordable package.

F150 Lowering KitsLet’s start with the kits as a whole: every kit is complete, from the springs to the shackles. You might think that’s standard, but for many suspension kits, that isn’t the case – you might even be partway into an installation before you discover that you need another part from the manufacturer. And even if the kit should contain all the parts you need, that doesn’t mean they were all packed at the factory, meaning you’re responsible for making sure you’ve got everything before the install.

Unlike other manufacturers, Ground Force doesn’t think you should be responsible for making sure you get the parts you’ve already paid for – before they leave Ground Force’s facility, each kit is individually checked to make sure there are no missing parts. So you order the kit, you get the kit, and you’re ready to drop your truck that day! There’s no calling back to order shocks or bump stops or bushings with these guys, it is all included automatically in one box.

Now you’re thinking, “Hmm, maybe their parts aren’t as good as the other guys?” But you don’t have to worry – just like your tried-and-true Ford truck, these high quality lowering kits are 100% Made in the USA. So even individually, the parts you get from Ground Force are top notch. Let’s get one thing straight – we’re lowering trucks, not 2000 pound Hondas here, so you can’t put some spindly little springs or aluminum suspension components on your rig. The pieces Ground Force supplies you with are heavy duty steel and the shocks they provide are hardcore, so unlike those weak kits from shady manufacturers, you won’t have to worry about breaking something when you hit an unexpected pothole. In fact, they’re so confident in the parts they send out that Ground Force also issues a lifetime warranty on all their lowering kits. Where else can you get that?!

Because they’re complete, include instructions, and are made to fit your truck, the Ground Force kits are a breeze to install. You could definitely install one of these kits in your driveway with a couple of buddies if you’d rather not pay a shop to do it. Each kit is individually tested on real trucks to ensure that it will fit perfectly on the truck for which it has been ordered. Ground Force even takes 2 piece drive shafts into account and supplies a new carrier bearing bracket to get rid of that annoying vibration other kits can cause.

With all this going for them, it is easy to choose which lowering kit I’ll be using on my truck. Ground Force!

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