LG Electronics have been trying to come up with better consumer electronics and therefore they have been working on better HDTVs, smartphones and better refrigerators that provide more functions and features to the consumers.  LG Electronics has now announced that they have sold out around million units of Door-in-Door refrigerators worldwide since they introduced it in the market in 2010. LG claims that they believe that Door-in-Door has remained one of the most popular home appliances globally that consumers have preferred to use for their regular needs.

LG also believes that the reason behind the popularity of this refrigerator is that it offers better consumer convenience while it also prevents the cold air from escaping the main compartment of the refrigerator even when the outer door is opened frequently. Seong Jin Jong President and CEO of LG Home Appliance Company said that consumers today are busier than ever before and therefore they need better appliances that can allow them to make their life simple and easy. He said that the LG is committed to excellence and technological innovations that bring better functions and features and make life simple for the consumers.

LG’s Door-in-Door refrigerator provides 65 liters of usable space combined with multiple doors that also offer space equivalent to small refrigerators and it also reduces cold air loss by 46% that also offers better energy efficiency and lower electricity bills. Currently, LG provides Door-in-Door refrigerator in more than 50 countries across the world. It also features many other optional features like top freezer, bottom freezer, French door styling and side by side models for the consumers.

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