Smartphones are invading our lives quickly than we can imagine and LG has now decided to bring in another smartphone that can fit in one hand and can handle all the operations that you can think of. LG has made an announcement about the new LG Optimus Vu smartphone that incorporates the all new quad core processor.


Although, LG has decided not to reveal too much of information about the new smartphone that they are going to release in few weeks from now but the company has said that the new smartphone is going to compete Samsung Galaxy Note in the smartphone segment.

The better part of the LG Optimus Vu is that the screen size is similar to that of Samsung Galaxy Note, but the screen is really wider than the Samsung counterpart. On the other hand, LG has decided to bring up the resolution competition to the next level by including 4:3 aspect ratio which actually makes the screen look brighter and clear. LG believes that Vu will be the best choice for many business smartphone users because it has a better, bigger and wider view that can handle many business applications without any issues. LG has also said that the smartphone will offer better web browsing experience and is ideal for ebook readers.

LG is focusing on the price tag at the moment because they would like to have a competitive price tag so that customers can leave behind the Samsung Galaxy Note. However, it comes with Android ICS and not the Jelly Bean operating system which is the latest offering from Android.

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