The competition in the HDTV segment is really high with some of the top consumer electronics companies trying to take the top spot. Now, LG has decided to expand their range in the HDTV segment with the introduction of the new Ultra HDTV models in the market. LG believes that they can deliver the best technologies in the HDTV segment and therefore they have rolled out 55 inch and 65 inch Ultra HDTV models which will be initially available in South Korea but later will be available in the United States followed by its introduction in overseas market like the UK, Russia and Australia.

Both the new models will be under LA9700 series and will have better design, picture quality and surround sound system that will appeal to many HDTV buyers around the world. Announcing more about the two new Ultra HDTV models, LG said that the design of the Ultra HDTV models is visually impressive and offers Ultra thin bezels of LG Cinema Screen design. LG has also incorporated many top features like Magic Remote, Smart TV games, and SmartShare features that make it convenient and easy for the users to connect the Ultra HDTV models with other devices.

Both 55 inch and 65 inch Ultra HD TV models get sharp images because of the 8.3 million pixels per frame. The new TV models get Tru-Ultra HD Engine that maximizes the clarity to offer better pictures to the viewers. It also gets Nano Full LED backlighting which offers deeper blacks and brighter whites for crisp display and picture and offering 178 degree viewing angle. It also gets 4.1 channel surround sound system with stylish forward facing sliding speakers. It also gets a powerful subwoofer located behind the TV screen to ensure strong bass performance.


Both the models offer better 2D and 3D picture quality and are certified by Intertek and Underwriters Laboratories. The new LA9700 55 inch model will priced at $6999 and 65 inch model will be priced at $7999 in the United States market.

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