With the competition growing in the HDTV market LG has decided to up the ante with their new LG Curved OLED TV that will offer something different to the consumers in the US market. LG has now made an announcement that their new LG Curved OLED HDTV model 55EA9800 now will be available at all the dealerships in the United States market. LG claims that they have come up with a new technology that will offer a better TV experience to the consumers in the United States compared to other HDTVs that are already in the market.

LG debuted the curved OLED TV at 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and it soon became quite popular during the event as more and more consumers were attracted to it for the curved design and screen resolution that it offers. LG has stated that the new OLED TV will be available at Best Buy which is one of the largest consumer electronics retailers in the United States. LG believes that the new OLED TV will offer the next generation display technology combined with sleek design that fits the urban apartments easily offering IMAX experience right in the living room.

LG said that as per the research done by DisplaySearch the demand for OLED TV will grow in the next few years and therefore they have decided to come up with new OLED TV that consumes less power and offers better display quality. This curved high definition TV is already available in the market in Korea as the sales began in April. The new TV gets WRGB OLED technology that offers exceptional picture quality. It is also the first and only OLED TV model in the world that has received THX certification and has been certified as green technology by many top certification agencies around the world.

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