Mobile storage got extremely faster and even smarter with the launch of the Leyio’s personal sharing device that makes use of the ultra wideband technology. The PSd combines the 16GB storage with the high speed radio link that allows the users to share photos, music, movies and other files that are up to 10 Mb per second.  You can select the files from the PSD screen; in addition there is also a USB port to plug in memory keys for all your friends who do not have the UWB technology. There are strong chances that a lot of your friends may be lacking the technology at the moment.

The product also comes with a detachable USB Shuttle that can help you connect the PSD to the computer. As far as the security is concerned the Leyio PSD could be locked in with the built-in fingerprint reader.

According to Bruno Maurel, CEO of Leyio, the device extends the internet using experience to being real in a way no other device is capable of.  He also added that it allows you to share the information with the other users in merely seconds even at the time when you are away from the computer. The Leyio also comes with syncing software but there are no specific details about the size, weight or the cost of the product. All the users would also like to know the battery life of the product which has not been announced yet.

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