carseatsWhen it comes to choose the seat for the car, leather seats are the No.1 choice. It is durable and also do not need maintenance now and then. However, after few years, the leather car seats also can become soiled.

For the daily cleaning of a leather seats from dirt, dust and stains, you can apply leather cleaner. After cleaning is done, apply a leather protectant which is formulated for the pigmented or top-coated grain leather.

The work of the protectants is to resist the stains so that the upholstery becomes much easier for cleaning in the future.

Always choose the protectant which has conditioners in it to keep the leather supple.

Use the upholstery cleaners on the soiled seats. You can use the same upholstery cleaners that you may be using at home could also be used as the upholstery for your car.

However, use the cleaner sparingly in order to avoid any saturation on the fabric. You must wipe out any foam by using a clean cloth.

Regularly, brush on the fibers gently on the velour seats to keep the texture intact and to avoid matting of the fabric.

If the car seats are made up of a fabric, you must spray the fabric protectant on the seats as well as to the carpet. Fabric protectant like Scotchgard is helpful as it resists any stains or dirt, and makes it really easier to clean.

For precautionary measures, you must clean the fabrics before you use any of these types of products. Also you must test these products first on any hidden place to be very sure that these treatments are not going to discolor the fabric.

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