Sony Xperia Z3v is till date the best in design and innovations from Sony. Get ready for an experience that is unparalleled and entertainment that raises the benchmark with standout features. Xperia Z3v is the latest addition to the Z3 series, and Verizon will have it by 23rd October. You get Hi-Res Audio support, highest waterproof rating, PlayStation4 gaming as well as PS4 Remote Play in the slim aluminum construction. Xperia Z3v is waterproof as well as protected against the dust. All its ports and covers are closed firmly. The camera expertise includes Cyber-shot and Handycam divisions in the 20.7MP camera. It carries the highest waterproof rating.

Verizon offers supplementary capabilities for their customers such as using the newest inductive ‘Qi’ technology for wireless charging. Verizon will also be the first in US to offer Sony’s SmartWatch 3. Xperia Z3v is a phone that goes beyond and does much more than you expect.

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