Since the Zi6 Kodak has launched another pocket camcorder with the Zi8. This is a time for boosting the mega dose of style and mix of the Flip as well.

 sCredit: techradar

The camcorders come in different colors such as aqua, raspberry and black. The Zi8 has some basics that give videos as well as stills. The few tricks for social networking can also be done through here very easily and effectively. The 1080p high definition video is also part of the capture to be made along with the video capture set up. There is the 2.5 inch LCD screen as well as the swinging out USB that is meant for uploading and charging.

The uploading of Zi8 has also been one great addition that you can use to upload in Facebook and YouTube. There are lots of things like drunken night antics and other fun things that you might like to share with your friend digitally that you can easily get there for everyone you care for.

This whole thing is a step up from the Zi6 with and is easy for widescreen stills to be taken. The price is around £149.99 and is available in the UK. The storage can be done through an SD card.

Source: T3

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