floor-matsAlways keep floor mats on the carpet so that the carpet of your car could be protected. If you are finding difficulty choosing the right floor mat for your car, here are the 2 types of floor mats that will fulfill your requirement.

1.    To control the slush, salt or mud in the winter month, the rubber wafflestyle mats are the best. They are easy to wash, stay at one place, also do not allow the water to pass through it.

2.     The second one is the carpet-style mats, they are also helpful too. In order to clean these mats you just have to shake and vacuum. You can also wash it when it is required. You can replace them when they wear.

However, when you are washing your car, remember to drag your rubber or carpet floor mats out of your car. You should blast them with the help of hose. It is helpful because this will free up any dirt particles. If the dirt particles keep on building up, it will then grind holes in your floor mats.

At last let your mat become dry completely in sun and then put it over the carpet.

Even though after vacuuming and washing the floor mats, if you find any tough stain that did not go completely, apply the foam rug cleaner. You must apply this cleaner as directed by the manufacturer. After you are done with the foam and the portion is dry, then you can also vacuum it.

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