Mobile gaming has long been at the bottom of the pecking order. It’s obvious that consoles dominate the market, closely followed by PC gaming. But what does the future hold for mobile gaming!? A lot can be said for the quality, it has long been dubbed the worst in terms of gameplay, graphics, loading times etc. However, if you haven’t dabbled in mobile gaming recently, you won’t have noticed the massive improvements that are being made as of late to the industry. The variety of games has improved, and as phones have improved, so have the graphics. More and more people are now turning to mobile gaming for some of the reasons that we’re going to list below. Have a read on to find out more.

Improvement In Game Play

Gameplay has always been a struggle with mobile gaming. One of the main things that people had to suffer with was the loading times throughout the game and the fact that the game would keep freezing, often causing the app in question to freeze. However, if we look at Final Fantasy 15 mobile as an example of a high-quality game, we can see that all of this has been improved. It’s now so much more fluid for a gamer to move through the different levels, save without actually losing any progress, and to load the game without having to wait a million hours. A lot of this is down to the developers, and how they decide to produce the games. The technology and software that’s being used are now so much more advanced, meaning things such as graphics, in particular, can be improved. No longer are we stuck with the old school block characters we used to have, characters now have the real life like features that the gamers enjoy.

Quicker Phones

It’s not all down to the game and how that is being developed, a lot of it is due to the phones, and how they’re being made. The software that’s being used is constantly evolving, which means gameplay can constantly improve. The quicker the phone, the quicker it’s going to be able to process the information the game is asking for it. Furthermore, the phone is one of the main reasons for graphics improvement. LED and 4K screens are now being used to give that perfect picture quality.

On The Go

The best thing about mobile gaming is that it’s on the go. Most of the games that you can play will allow you to run it off of 4G, or slightly lower signal as long as it’s strong enough to play the game. You might find that the loading times are a little slower, and gameplay might be a tad harder, but at least you’re being able to play the game! Some games don’t even require an internet connection to play, but these are often the lower end games that hardcore gamers might not take a liking to. However, we can confirm that some of the free games that you can get on the Play Store or Apple App Store is really good, and will get you hooked!

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