iPhone OS 4.0

Apple has released the beta version for its new iPhone operating system 4.0. The full version is officially going to be released this summer. Over hundred new features have been included in the latest version of iPhone OS consisting of few long-awaited ones. Also, Apple has not included some features which were expected to be there.

First of all, let us talk about the highlighting feature of iPhone OS 4.0 which is “multitasking”. The iPhone users had been waiting for long that Apple includes this feature in any latest software update. Now, a user can keep on using an app where and enjoy music in the background as well. Also, VoIP services are included in multitasking, therefore a user of the iPhone can receive call via VoIP while using any other app, or when the phone is asleep. This multitasking feature is also provided for third party apps.

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Another awesome feature is Folders. Now, the iPhone users can create folders for same apps and organize them in this way. Folders can be created in a very easy manner. All the user has to do is to drag an app and drop it on to another app; a new folder is automatically formed. The folder will be automatically renamed according to the genre of that app (as stored in the App Store). The users can rename the folder according to their own choice afterwards. With the help of this feature, users can store and manage up to 2000 apps on their iPhone. Also, the users can manage, create and organize their folders of iPhone from their Mac and PC via iTunes. This is certainly a highly appreciable feature introduced by Apple in iPhone OS 4.0.

Next feature is a unified inbox. With the help of this feature, the users have been enabled to access all their inboxes at a single platform. All of us hate checking our email accounts by going through one account and then through others. Through this feature, all email accounts will be unified at one place and the user will access them easily. Switching between the inboxes is a matter of few taps only. Messages can be seen in threaded view to have convenience. Also, the attachments with emails can be opened with apps that can be downloaded from App Store.

iAd is another amazing feature which is about to revolutionize the concept of mobile ads. Users will not have to leave their app to see an add, as it always happens, rather the add will be shown without leaving the app page. Also, the users can resume their app at any time during watching the add.

Game Centre will make playing with friends possible, and the users can also choose a partner while playing if they don’t have a friend available, via MatchMaking. Leaderboards and achievements are also included.

Security is the foremost important feature for business personnel. Therefore, Apple has introduced an enhanced security feature which will enable users to secure their emails and the attachments with PIN codes, so that no intruder can access their private data.

Overall, this software update consists of nice features which were also being expected by the iPhone users and critics for long. Though few features are still missing, we can term this update as a success.

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