There have been rumors regarding fresh devices that Apple plans to reveal this summer. It is being said that an iPhone nano (or a miniature iPhone), netbooks and a media pad are expected out of Apple this summer, featuring the LG-manufactured OLED Screens (the info about them has already been leaked out).  We do not know about the netbooks yet, but Business Week states that Apple has manufactured the prototype of two devices; an iPhone Lite and a Media Pad. It is said that these prototypes have already been showed to US network Verizon Wireless.

 sImage by mobilemag

The said Media Pad is going to be a new device featuring music playing, photo viewing and watching HD videos and movies. With the rumored OLED screen, charm will just go higher. Its size will be a little smaller than Amazon’s Kindle and will possess a large screen. Surely, this is going to be unlike any available product till date.

As far as the so called iPhone Lite is concerned, it doesn’t trigger much excitement as there isn’t anything thrilling about a “small phone”. The larger is the screen, the more alluring will be the phone. This tiny iPhone miniature will be as functional as the full size current iPhone is; but the less material usage SHOULD lessen its price a great deal.

It seems that in the near future, these devices will be dancing in our hands showing their vivid colors and bright performance level. Let us wait till this summer.

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