The gadget, people are anticipating the most this year is the revolutionary iPhone 5. The sales are also expected to be more than last year’s iPhone 4S especially in the U.S.. But how much potential this new product has and how much fortune it will bring to Apple is still a question.

Robert W. Baird analyst William Power predicted on the base of results collected in a recent survey of 2,000 consumers that Apple can be successful in selling its new gadget to more than 50 million users in the U.S alone.

Last year, the company fruitfully sold its 37 million iPhone 4S units globally at its launch. This year however, the sales are anticipated to be more, as this new product is expected to have some amazing features.

The Baird survey found some astonishing results.According to this survey, about 45 percent people are planning to purchase an iPhone, 39 percent want an upgrade, while only 22 percent of budding phone users want an Android device. However, 31 percent is still unsure what to buy.

Also, according to the Power’s survey, 77 percent iPhone users are faithful to their platform, 48 percent of Android users want to use Google’s platform and amazingly 17 percent of existing Android owners want to get on the new iPhone.

Although, Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices and if  are Motorola releases its Droid Razr HD the newest options for mobile phone fans ; but iPhone 5 has got more fame and anticipation and thus an expected booming sales. The novel iPhone 5 is likely to be unveiled at a September 12 event while the release is speculated on September 21. Let’s see how much response this new Smartphone get at its launch.

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