China is on the road of true success, this is overall progress which includes technological as well as economical success. That’s the reason all the leading tech based companies rely on China when it comes to manufacturing of tech parts for their products. In fact most of parts which we use in our cell phones are manufactured in China. One of the most prominent example is of Apple products, most parts in Apple products are supplied by China based tech companies.

The great popularity of iPhone 4S shattered the strategic plans of competitors of Apple and now it will be available in China from 13th January. On 4th January Apple announced that this amazing phone will be made available in 21 other countries from Friday. Review of iPhone 4S will help you to understand it deeply, lets have a look on its salient features;

Main Features

iPhone 4S is equipped with mind blowing features which includes;

  • Dual core A5 chip
  • Improved camera with superb optics
  • Full 1080p HD resolution video recording
  • Siri
  • iOS 5 with new features


This wonderful phone will be available in following countries;

  • Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda
  • Bolivia, Botswana and British Virgin Islands
  • Cameroon, Cayman Islands and Central African Republic
  • China, Dominica and Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador, Grenada and Guam
  • Guinea Conakry, Ivory Coast and Jamaica
  • Kenya. Madagascar and Mali
  • Mauritius, Niger, Senegal St. Vincent and The Grenadines
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Turks and Caicos and Uganda.

Saying of Tim Cook

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said, “Customer response to our products in China has been off the charts. With the launch in China next week, iPhone 4S will be available in over 90 countries making this our fastest iPhone rollout ever.”


MSRP of iPhone 4S is

  1. US $199 for 16GB model
  2. US $299 for 32GB model
  3. US $399 for 64 GB model


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