In the modern era, the only phenomenon that is constant is change. When it comes to change in technology, the better word to replace it is development and advancement. As the world has started to realize the fact that time is of great essence, so has its appetite for saving it or utilizing it intelligently has increased. The myth of man being in more than one place at a time is no more a myth because many things being in one place today is no more a myth either.

iPad Vs Android

With advertisement that is limited to promoting only the positive aspects of the product, a pre-occupied and a busy business man will go nuts when it comes to choosing what is best for him. This is where a sound and fair comparison is needed; a place where he can find the answer to a simple question: whether iPad is better for him or an android tablet. A similar question comes in the minds of the developers that which tablets is better for them. This all and many more questions will be answered in this article and by the time you reach the end, the answer to iPad vs. android tablet or which is best tablet for the developers etc. will be crystal clear.

Android or iPad?

The aspect of multi-tasking is the first question that comes to our mind. The iPad and android-based tablet both are developed on the Smartphone mobile OS foundation but incase of the android tablets a matter of specialization comes into play. The android tablet as compared to the iPad was made for running multiple applications at one time given the size and options hence has a much better multitasking OS as compared to that promised in iPhone OS 4.0. However critics still believe that iPhone OS 4.0 might still not be of same functionality (Multi-tasking) given that it is built on restricted scenarios.

Which tablet is best for the designers comes immediately into the mind, because this answer ensures the availability of new applications and features to satisfy customers ever increasing expectations and needs. The row between Adobe and Apple is the first set back to the iPad because in the absence of Adobe Flash player a lot of data on the web becomes useless. Not taking away more than 20,000 applications already present in market, iPad surely has a repertoire of applications for its users but Apple’s arcane and headstrong policies are often too bossy and its approval process too hectic for designers. Even those that bear through the process are exasperated on the uncertainty of the Apple’s policies. The policies when changed result in loss to the developers who had put capital and human resource into developing an application which was acceptable as per the previous rule but soon was axed after the change in it. This shatters the confidence of the designers and is a major deterrent in creativity and number of the applications. So the answer to which tablet is best in designer’s view is given.

The need and choice of the customers is very diverse, and hence this where iPad falls short in providing the much appreciated and needed freedom in size. The hardware platform is limited to a tick or a cross on Apple iPad 3G whereas the Android tablets are developing and providing the businessmen or other potential customers with not just the freedom to choose the memory storage but also the vast array of sizes and weight. The larger the market gets, so do the requirements become unique and specific where customers want more than just an optimized size of Apple iPad but the freedom to trade size for memory size or for more SD memory slots or USB ports without price going too high. The prices in case of iPad are directly linked to the memory size whereas more variables are present which hold great importance for different potential customers.

Your friends’ enemy is your enemy. This is true in real world but very true in case of Apple iPad which limits its service provider to AT&T in wireless connectivity. The restriction in freedom here again goes in the favor of android tablets which will have diverse producers and hence different service providers giving a vast range to choose from. The potential clients who want Apple iPad will definitely not choose iPad, but those who don’t have any issue with the Apple but don’t prefer AT&T as the service provider because they are already in long time contract with a competiting service provider or let’s just say don’t not like AT&T will also do the same. Hence the Apple iPad faces a dual setback here.


In terms of the sales, we see that because Apple iPad was launched much earlier in the market, by now already has potential clients who have invested and by the mid of this year the number is expected to soar to 10 million given the delay in the release of android tablets. The statistics should ring a bell in Apple’s ear to develop and diversify its products or they are bound to grow no larger.

Greater range of price, memory slots, connection providers, hardware features and potentially exponential growth in android applications are reasons to look for android tablets. For those who don’t have problem with the slow but prevailing growth in Apple applications, or its optimized size or the limited hardware platform because it  fulfills their requirements and have confidence in Apple as an innovative producer have nothing to look down on.

The answer to Android tablets or iPad, or which designers love best is now dependent on your requirements. You can make a better informed choice now.

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  1. Apple is and will lead the pack for the next few years. However, if Apple dose not put it’s head out of it’s rectum about only using AT&T the new kids will take over and Apple will be left in the dust. Apple must let any network, just like the Androids do, operate with there iPad.

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  3. I think iPad is better than Android tablet in term of OS Upgradable (Not many devices for Android can be upgrade to new version) but for iPad it can be upgrade to newer version for a few year from now. iPad also has very nice and smooth UI when you touch on screen, you will feel it stick to your movement immediately, Not in Android. My choice ring now is iPad.

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