The release of Apple iPad has created a very exquisite competition in the international markets for the tablet PCs and now the new comer for the hardware industry ‘Google’ is also rumored to be thinking of such device with its Android platform. It’s not confirmed that the device which may be coming from Google will be completely android based it can be a chrome OS based system but this is not a issue now, first we have to confirm if such a device is coming from Google or it’s just a rumor.

Photo by iLounge

The arrival of the tablet from Apple has welcome many such devices in the international markets, some have reached and some or on their way to be launched this year but this can be easily said that if Google will enter this competition then some sort of ‘iPad killer’ can be expected. It has been reported that the concept of an android based device is roaming the minds of Google’s people for quite some time and now it’s the real time for that device to set its feet in this intensified kind of environment. The Apple and Google rivalry is not unknown to anyone now days and if Google also brings some tablet like device with similar or more capabilities then the true competition among both the companies will be seen but let’s see now when we’ll get this news from Google.

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