War among the gadget providers also ignited the battle among the apps, the evolution of android stir new waves of competition in the tech world. Couple of years back Apple was the leader and one and only provider of “State-of-the-art” gadgets and its app for iPhone and iPad make great business. When android gadgets were introduced, all the leading gadget providers directed their efforts towards the production of finest android cell phone. Soon after, android apps become common for android cell phones and offered a broad range of choices to users.

It is tough to decide who is the best and leader of the battle between iPad apps and Android apps, some of the apps work best on iPad and some others look finest on Android gadgets. Most of the apps which are available for iPad are also available for android and work equally well for instance Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon Kindle, WordPress etc.

Facebook for Android and iPad

Facebook have become “must have” social networking site for youngsters and majority of people can’t think to live without it now as it offers them finest source of communication and helps to stay in touch with their social circle. Couple of months back, Facebook for android was missing some features but recently changes were introduced and now it fully support inbox functions and allows the android users to enjoy communication in real time interface.

Facebook was iPad friendly since day one, the main benefit of Facebook app on iPad is its speed. Additionally it provides support to more than one account, presents customizable colors and user’s friendly interface.

Twitter for Android and iPad

After Facebook Twitter is the second most popular social networking site and it is equally famous for iPad and android. iPad users can enjoy efficient and user-friendly interface of Twitter and can receive unlimited tweets from their friends and communicate with them on the go.

Twitter is also a fabulous app for android devices and offers user’s friendly interface with efficient and speedy experience.

Amazon Kindle for Android and iPad

Book lovers want to carry book with them but the wonders of technology has made it possible for them to carry their “Book World” anywhere they want. iPad app of Amazon Kindle offers readers to access above 500,000 books. The best things about Kindle is that it offers finest reading experience and one can select among the choices to optimize the experience for instance one can avoid the animation of page turn and can also amend the background of page to pleasant tone for smooth and trouble free reading.

Amazon Kindle app works as an efficient e-reader on android and it effortlessly link you to Amazon account. The only drawback on android devices is that it offers restricted support to magazines and newspapers, don’t worry it work great for books and offers many choices of screen and text display in order to present smooth and eye friendly reading experience.

WordPress for Android and iPad

WordPress is best app for bloggers but on iPad it only favors to compose blog posts based on text data because it just supports HTML work and one can not attempt any visual editing but don’t worry believe on “Less is More” and use it best on your iPad to speedily edit content and the good thing is that one can manage comments with WordPress app on iPad.

Latest version of WordPress for android offers full integration with other applications and allows the user to spins the content and directly sends application for convenient updating. Unlike iPad, one can make use of image insertion tools on android devices.

Some of the Best iPad Apps

1. Air Video Free

iPad is a wonderful gadget to watch your favorite videos and Air Video works best on Apple iPad 2 and allows users to stream the most favorite videos either from PC or Mac. There are some limitations of free version of Air Video i.e. it display only a few components from every folder and playlist. If you have iPad 2 and you have already followed iPad 2 tips, you can work more with this app.

2. Comics (Universal)


 Comic is best application for people who own iPad and love to read comics, in comparison to iPhone this app looks better because of large display of iPad and the entire page can be read easily read without going into the option of scroll and zoom. Don’t forget to download this app if you have iPad because many you can access several free comics through the bundled store.

3. Dropbox (Universal)


Dropbox is a fantastic app which helps the users to synchronize documents among many devices. This application works similarly as on iPhone and iPad customers can experience the same fun like the iPhone users; you might be surprise to read it but it is possible and just because it is a universal application which enables you to preview several types of files.

4. Evernote (Universal)


Evernote is free of cost online service which facilitates the user to save ideas, documents, text, images and web clips that can be accessed from more than one device.

5. PaperDesk Lite for iPad

PaperDesk Lite is a digital notepad which enables the user to assemble the typed words, audio recordings and scribbles in user-friendly notebooks. One can also email pages and the text data which you type and it is sent with the copy of whole page as a PDF.

Some of Best Android Apps

1. ASTRO File Manager for Android

ASTRO is similar to file explorer of Windows-style, with the help of this app on your android you can enjoy the PC like experience on your cell phone.

2. Google Sky Map

Google Sky is the very app for astronauts; with the help of orientation tools of cell phone it offers an exact illustration of stars and planets on screen of your android gadget. Face your cell phone towards the sky then observe which of the constellations you can view. The best thing about Google Sky Map is one can operate this app on android devices even being situated indoor.

3. Layar

Layar is an augmented reality app and it has been available for commercial use recently and added an online shop which facilitates the users to purchase AR content for instance travel guides local house price applications etc. One can also access several free of cost Layars to pop up information over places of real world, hence we can say that it provides pleasing ultramodern experience.

4. Google Googles

The major use of Google Googles app is as a QR code reader and it facilitates the android users to scan the barcodes for speedy access to applications.

5. AppSaver

The updated version of Android 2.2 which is also known as “FroYo” allows the android users to save android market purchases to the SD card of android phones. Users of older version of android can’t take benefit from this application.

It is difficult to come to a decision who is leader of battle between iPad apps and Android apps? as both offers unique experience to users and allows them to make best use of their gadgets with the help of useful and entertaining applications.

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  1. I have no idea who will win this battle but my sympathies are with Android….:)

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