Apple is in serious trouble these days; iPad 2 users have reported some connectivity problems. This fact has been officially acknowledged by the Apple that some Verizon iPad 2 customers are facing issues related to internet connectivity.

Verizon iPad 2 Connectivity Issues

Investigation has been started to find the root cause of connectivity issues. Apple Spokesperson said that company is looking for a solution to figure out this issue, which is bothering customers to access, the 3G network.

Last month, Apple iPad 2 was officially launched and it gained immense popularity among people as it is equipped with dual core processor, front and rear camera. Majority of people preferred it due to Apple’s claim about fastest internet connectivity, before its arrival. This tablet dominates the tablet market and proved to be tough for its rivals.

It sounds like bad eyes of iPad rivals affected the performance of this much talked about tablet. Apple is giving serious considerations to resolve this matter because it is well aware of the fact that “1 disappointed customer is more important than the 10 satisfied customers”. Words of mouth really matters, when it comes to buying decision of a new gadget especially tablet. That’s why Apple is leaving no stone unturned to figure out this issue.

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