The second-generation of iPad, what we call as iPad 2 is much slim (33% than iPad) and light weight (15%) as compared to its ancestor iPad. Now, the wait is over. Apple iPad 2 is available now in a wide range of countries.

iPad 2 Availability:

Apple iPad, a masterpiece of the Apple Company in the world of tablets, hits the Japan market for sale on Thursday 28th April. Apple has announced the sale of this post-PC device for Singapore, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey and UAE around the globe.  After Japan, iPad will be revealed for sale in Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and the remaining eight countries on Friday, April 29. Those who are willing to purchase Apple iPad 2 from any of the Apple retail stores can visit the store 9 a.m. according to the local time of the respective countries. In contrast, those who are looking for online order placement will be able to place the order by 1 a.m. via online retail of Apple at the website of Apple. Moreover, Apple iPad featuring Wi-Fi will be available in China May 6 onwards.

iPad 2 Price Range:

iPad 2 with Wi-Fi has different prices according to its storage capacity. 16 GB storage model has a retail price tag of US $ 499, model with 32 GB storage has a price of US $ 599 and the stunning 32 GB model is available with a cost of US $ 699 for the customer.

The prices for Wi-Fi + 3G differ slightly for each of the model mentioned above.  Wi-Fi + 3G with 16 GB device carry a price of US $ 629, 32 GB model has market price of $ 729 (US) and finally 32 GB model has a sale price of US $ 829.

iPad apps such as iMovie and GarageBand tailored for this model can be purchased from Apple Store or itunes appstore by paying US $ 4.99 each. The casing of the device has a variety of colors for only US $ 39 (the one composed of polyurethane). In contrast casing made of leather is available in US $ 69.

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