Apple iPad 2

Next-generation iPad 2 that was very much in news has been launched by the Apple. You will be anxious to know about this baby product of Apple’s gadget family. It has very classic and has fantastic features as:

Thin and Light than iPad

Next-generation iPad 2 is thinner and lighter than its previous model. It is 33 percent thinner and up-to 15 percent lighter than iPad. So you can feel more comfort with it, when it will be in your hands.

Natural Interface

With iPad 2 you can enjoy web surfing, watch your favorite movies and can read books in extra ordinary natural interface with no stress on your eyes.

Dual-core A5 chip

A5 chip in Apple iPad 2 is composed of two-powerful cores; it means you can do your work in less time with this high speed gadget. Multi tasking was never so easy, but with iPad 2 you can surf web, watch movies, play games and can shift from one app to other without delay as apps load faster.

Superfast graphics-Dream come true for gamers

Graphics performance on iPad 2 is nine times better than the previous iPad. You can enjoy the smooth and more real gaming environment. Apart from it faster graphics helps video applications to perform better.

Superb Battery life

You might be thinking as next-generation iPad 2 is thinner, it will have low batter life. But it’s not reality, even with the thinner and lighter design; iPad 2 has 10-hours battery life. Hence, you can easily watch your favorite movies or series at night without plugging in to socket. In addition you can easily carry it with you on long-hours flight without being worried about its battery timing. Its power-efficient A5 chip and iOS keep battery life away from fading.

Amazing View with LED

Apple iPad 2 has screen of 9.7 inches. LED backlighting makes the image bright and clear, even when there is low light in room or any where else. No need to worry which angel is fine for better view as it has 178 degree viewing angle, you can even share it with someone sitting next to you.

Two Cameras

iPad 2 has two cameras, one on the front and one on the back. These cameras are designed for face time video calling, both the cameras can work together and you can see them smile and laugh back at you. The front camera puts you and your friend face to face. When you switch the back camera during video call you can share where you are, what’s going on around you, with your friends.

Wi-Fi and 3G

New iPad automatically find the Wi-Fi network and stay you connected. iPad 2 can also be connected to internet on AT & T and Verizon wireless network with 3G connectivity.

iOS 4 – Competitive edge of iPad

iPad 2 has iOS operating system that is meant for iPad. It is best operating system for mobile. It has innovative, powerful and fun-built applications. In addition, it has 65,000 apps that have been designed for iPad. iOS 4 provides competitive edge to iPad over other devices

Smart covers

Next-generation iPad 2 has marvelous covers that are smart and thin, designed on magnetic technology, the iPad smart cover falls perfectly into the place and protects your iPad screen. When you open the smart-cover your iPad lighten up, and when you close it, it goes to sleep automatically.

This amazing gadget has all that you desire. Steve Jobs is so sure about its performance that at its launch he said “2011 will the year of iPad 2”. Now lets how much it will be acknowledged by the people. Price of this next generation iPad 2 is U.S $499.

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