Finally iOS 5 has been released today; this much awaited operating system remained much talked about especially its features which differentiate it from other operating systems.

Compatibility of iOS 5

iOS 5 is compatible with iPhone 4 and 3GS, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Torch (3rd and 4th Generation).

iOS 5 is PC Free

Scott Forstall of Apple said, “You can activate on the device and you’re ready to go, Software updates are now over the air. So you no longer need to plug in to update your software. And they’re now Delta updates. Instead of downloading the whole OS, you only download what’s changed. We said, why do people go back to a computer? Calendars, people create or delete them, you can do that now. Photo editing, you can do it on the devices. Even mail – you can create folders so if you want to cut the cord, you can.”

New Messaging Service with iOS 5 (iMessage)

iOS 5 is available with new messaging service somewhat similar to the messaging services of Blackberry BBM. This improved messaging service is especially formulated for users of iPad and iPod torch, users can also send pictures and share videos, contents. Additionally, it also facilitates the users to enjoy the improved service of group messages.

iOS 5 with Improved System of Notification

iOS 5 is all new with improved system of notification, up to now above 100 billion notifications has been published. Users can access the notifications by moving from top of the screen.

iOS 5 Supports Twitter

iOS 5 fully supports Twitter, you just need to sign in via setting Menu after that you will receive a request about incorporation with Twitter account which means that users do not need to sign in constantly to all the new applications that people wish to download.

iOS 5 with Improved Safari

Safari is now available with improved reading modes which eliminates disruption and facilitate the user with single and scrolling story without the disturbance of ads. A apart from this it also facilitate the users to email the content as well as link of the story. Reading List Option helps you to save the content which you wish to read later.

iOS and Reminders

iOS 5 is also available with reminders which facilitate the users to store lists and use it for multi-purposes for instance remembrance about upcoming important events.

iOS 5 with Improved Functions of Camera

iOS 5 is now available with improved camera button which is present on the lock screen and the most fabulous addition is the volume button which can be used to capture pictures.

Game Center of iOS 5

Game Center of iOS 5 help the user to directly browse and download games, gamer profiles are now available with the facility to upload the own pictures of gamers. Additionally, for more advanced gaming playing options turn based gaming integrated into the applications.
These are some of the eminent features of iOS 5; cloud music and photo sharing are also among the major features of iOS 5. In other words we can say that iOS 5 is kind of operating system which will let users to make best use of their state-of-the-art gadgets.

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