Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has done a lot for the Web World. It is going to launch Internet Explorer 9 today (on 15th March 2011). With its launch, Microsoft is expecting something bigger this year. It will be a good addition in the family of Microsoft’s Browsers.

When IE9 was passed through beta stage, it was highly acknowledged by the people. Microsoft wants to retain its number 1 position in the World of Browsers. This next-generation web-browser is especially designed for the professionals. How come?

Privacy settings have been enhanced in IE9 with the addition of ActiveX filtering. Privacy changes are made in order to protect the vulnerable data and information. On the other side, Tracking protection and Tracking protection lists have also been enhanced. Privacy settings really matters to people, that’s why Microsoft worked a lot to make IE 9 a safest browser.

A part from these changes, less significant notifications have been set on mechanical discharge. This change is done to prioritize the vital alerts. It will help pinned sites to have multiple home pages.

Microsoft is in tough competitive stage with Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari and Firefox. Hopefully Internet Explorer 9 will help it to take a leading position once again.

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