With Christmas festive season just a few days away, Pebble Technology Corporation has decided to gift their Android users with an early present and that is an update for the Android Wear notifications that users can use on their smartwatch platform. The company revealed that the new update will be available in the beta version and will enhance the overall performance of the smartwatch from Google and Apple. The new updates makes it possible for the watch to come up with interactive notifications which was not possible so far with the watch.

Now with the update, users can reply to the email or chat from the watch itself and they need not use their smartphone all the time. The new update also makes it convenient for the Pebble users to make use of the Android-wear ready apps and therefore the users have more power in their hands. However, at the moment Pebble users cannot respond to the messages on Hangouts with emoji or send money using Square Cash. Pebble has not provided any official confirmation on when the update will be released, but said that the beta version is available and users can start trying it out. So far, Pebble has also not commented on when these features will be available for Pebble iOS users.

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