Don’t like to see what you are seeing on your Instagram! This Monday onwards, Instagram will be powered with comment filter; which means that the social networking site will help you to ignore what one doesn’t want to see.

Now the question is that how does it work?
Kevin Systrom, the co-founder announced that a user can create a list of common words which can be used to filter out comments that one doesn’t want to see. This feature lets you to list your choice of words which you feel is offensive or inappropriate. Instagram fans will also be able to swipe to delete comments, block pictures.

The new feature is accessible to everyone. The company has been using this and other features to avoid and kill online harassment. The testing so far has been made on high profile accounts. All major social networkers today are concerned about how to make the contents and inflows restricted and scanned but not crossing the line into censorship.

The good thing is that these social networking sites are continuously building features to safeguard the community and at the same time maintain what would make Instagram a loving and recreational place for every social networking lover.

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