The time is near when HTML5 will take over the responsibility from Adobe Flash, to manage the online multimedia content. The growing use of smartphones has threatened the existence of Adobe Flash on the web to play audio/video files, leaving this third party plugin limited to PCs only. The reason for this switch over is the blazing speed of HTML5 based apps and its being highly supportive for search engine optimization.

Experts have been predicting about this takeover for years. Late Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, was the first one to anticipate that HTML5 standard has much more potential to administer different types of content including videos. Recently, the CEO of Rapt Media, Erika Trautman also described, how HTML5 video is a better option than Flash video.

In addition to that, developers are now focusing on HTML5 based games, as they can run 10 times faster than Flash games. WebGL standard is helping developers to build these browser-based games. However, WebGL content is still not supported on iOS, which makes it unplayable on iPhones.

We are quickly heading to the era of HTML5, as development in this regard is advancing speedily. For instance, Telerik mobile app development platform lately released a free package for building web and mobile applications basing on JavaScript and HTML5.

Will HTML5 kill Flash?

On the other hand, OpenFin raised $4 million to bring HTML5 to financial services industry, earlier this month. This means, the HTML5 is also gaining approval in business and financial sector, and is not limited to just entertainment.

Besides all these facts, Adobe Flash will not die very soon, as it still dominates the PC world. However, as playing videos on mobile is more frequent now, it is getting very certain that HMTL5 will finally prevail.

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