The technology market is transforming rapidly and therefore new technologies are quickly taking over offering better options to the consumers. The same is happening in the smartphone market where Google is trying to introduce better and new features to the Android. Google recently made an announcement that they are on the verge to debut Android 4.3 at the Google IO developers conference but they have decided not to unveil too much of information yet. However, HTC has now provided with some kind of hints and leaks that allow users to know what kind of features will be introduced in the new Android 4.3 version.

HTC announced that at the event HTC will be unveiling new technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy and Open GL ES 3.0 which most people believe will be incorporated in the new features that Android 4.3 will offer. HTC said that Bluetooth technology is one of the best technologies that they would like to explore and therefore Bluetooth Low Energy technology or BLE is targeted for devices that need to be always-on like multi-sensor kits, heart rate monitors and key finders. The new Android will feature BLE technology that can communicate with other devices in the surrounding.

On the other hand, Android 4.3 is also expected to have Open GL ES 3.0 that offers mobile graphics specifications and is currently supported by Qualcomm. HTC has said that Snapdragon 600 that is available in HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 can handle the new Open GL ES 3.0 and gamers and game developers will get better options with the help of this technology. HTC revealed that graphic designers for mobile games can offer better graphic rendering to optimize the performance of the smartphone without putting too much of load on the processor. Hence, it actually helps to offer better mobile gaming experience.

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