The HTC HD2 which is claimed to be the best ever developed Smartphone of the world has got the Vodafone panel for sale just 2 months ago and now Vodafone has given this announcement that they are dropping the sale of this headset, which is quite shocking for the HTC HD2 lovers because now when the users had started shifting their interests towards the purchase it has been stopped.

HTC HD2Photo by Vodafone España

The reason given from the Vodafone’s side is that their initial supply has been quickly sold out and because of some reasons they have decided that they are not going to take further orders for this device.

According to a statement by a Vodafone representative “There’s been a great deal of interest since we made the HTC HD2 available to buy in November and our initial supply quickly sold out” but they have further announced that they will process the already given orders and after that the order taking function will be ceased.

According to the Vodafone representatives they had a chat with O2 in which O2 has declared that they are receiving many orders for this device and they are also processing those orders so the decision will not affect the sale of this exciting Smartphone.

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