Touch Screen Laptop

Due to a very tough competition of Netbooks in the computing industry HP is trying to make a unique place for its devices and this is the reason they have started developing touch screen Netbooks and Laptops.  The latest devices will also be featuring some outclass internal capabilities apart from the touch screen displays. The first player of the touch screen display is the latest laptop the TouchSmart tm2 tablet with a 12.1 inch screen size. The latest Laptop as announced by the company will be powered by latest and famous Intel Atom processor and it is smaller lighter and consumer oriented than its predecessor and HP has very strong hopes with the release of this new touch screen laptop.

Photo by nDevilTV
Photo by nDevilTV

Other than the tm2 another revolutionary device is also expected to be coming very soon and this is the mini5102 netbook by HP which has also touch screen enabled screen which will be 10.1 in size. The internals of this device will also be powered by Intel Atom processor. Other than these a latest low cost Netbook is also expected to come in the coming days and this will be the 2102 Netbook. This new series of laptop and Netbooks will be very profit earning developments for HP as they are coming with fantastic new capabilities.

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  1. Though touch screen netbooks and tablet PCs are good gadget but, they have a smaller screen size.

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