What is bad about a laptop? Weird question? After all they give us all the required functionality that only a desk top could provide once. We can travel with our work machine in our laps, what can be better than that? Anyways, the question remains there, what is bad about a laptop? It is nothing but the short-lived battery.

You are in a plane, working on the presentation that you have to present soon after you reach your destination. All of a sudden, your portable switches off as the battery had exhausted. This is one of the most irritating and frustrating moments of one’s life which occur because of the battery. There have to be a way out. There must be some methods which can be adopted to make the battery last longer. In fact, there are few techniques which can be used to lengthen a laptop’s battery life.

1. Do you know that brightness level of your display screen affects your laptops battery life? The brighter the screen, more power it requires. Thus, adjust the screen brightness of your portable and try to keep it dim as long as you can work easily.

2. If you are using Windows Vista, you can type “power options” into the search box. From amongst the shown results, choose “Power Saver”. With this setting, you can save battery life while on the road. The Windows Mobility Centre offers few ways to manage battery.

3. Wi-Fi is a power hungry operation. It keeps on utilizing power when a connection is established, and if no connection is established, it will go on wasting battery by searching for wireless connections. When you do not need to be connected to the internet, you must switch off the operation. If you have an older laptop that doesn’t show a separate function for switching it off, you can manually handle it via Control Panel.

4. USB flash drives, mice or web cams drink all the juice when connected. Best way to save your battery life is to transfer required data to the laptop and unplug the device as soon as possible. Also, try to work with the track pad instead of attaching a USB mouse. Also, avoid USB web cams and built in webcam’s use when you are on the move.

5. If there is a disc in your drive, eject it out of the laptop, as it is a huge power consumer. By doing this, you can save precious battery time.

6. Also, there are some ways which are expensive, but your laptop battery can get enhanced. One of those ways is to buy an 8 or a 12 cell battery, which is offered by many manufacturers. These upgrades will surely double your power storage. Philips offers a device called Portable Power Back, which is a compact battery unit and comes with adaptors for most of the portable computers. This device gives a boost to the battery life, and you can get many extra hours of battery while traveling.

With the above mentioned methods, one can easily get some extra precious time of battery life. Laptop manufacturers are coming up with more modern ideas like zinc-silver battery etc, which are expected to solve this critical issue.

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  1. And run only the programs you are using at the time of us. Programs that run in the background use more system resources and drain laptop battery life.

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