car-waTo maintain the same shine of a car for a longer period of time, regular waxing of a car is must. Your car will always look new if you maintain it nicely. The car wax basically preserves the paint by slowing down its oxidation process and it also forms a blockade against the bird droppings, sap, and also pollution. Isn’t it fun to drive a nice shiny looking car?

To ensure maximum protection, please remember the following important points:

* There are liquid and spray waxes which are easily available in the market which is very easy to use and tempting too. No doubt, they can make your car shiny with less effort rather than rubbing the paste wax. However, there is no wax as good as the paste wax. Paste wax offers one of the hardest, and the longest-lasting finish to your car. Car wax paste with high carnauba wax content is very good. Try to get it from your near car accessories shop.

* In order to apply wax to your car, first of all apply a very thin and even coating of wax to the surface of your car with the help of a damp sponge. You should avoid applying too much of it, otherwise it will become difficult to remove it and any residue will surely damage the finish.

* And most importantly, you must avoid the fine scratches while waxing. For this, you must use very clean, soft cotton or a microfiber cloth to remove the wax when it has all dried out.

* At last, apply one extra coating of wax to its nose and hood because the wax film in these areas tends to wears away very quickly.

Well, you can also put a new self-adhering urethane films in order to protect you car’s most vulnerable painted areas from stone chips and other abrasions. The filmed surface can also be washed and waxed same as you do for other surfaces. However, it would be best if you let the film install by some professional.

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