If you’re looking to replace your current TV set then a smart TV is the obvious option. This new wave of internet-connected TVs has opened up the opportunity for consumers to do everything from streaming rental films directly into their living room to talking on ‘big screen’ Skype. You can think of a smart TV as a giant version of your laptop screen, but boasting infinitely better quality and a size that it isn’t possible for a conventional monitor to replicate.

So what do you get from a smart TV that you don’t get with a conventional model? Well, aside from all the benefits of being connected to the internet – film streaming, video conferencing, web browsing and more – most smart TVs also offer a range of apps. The basic apps include Skye, YouTube and iPlayer, but there is also a collection of film renting apps, video watching apps, social networking apps: in fact, the most comprehensive smart TV packages have an app for almost everything!

When choosing the best smart TV for you, the same rules apply as when buying a normal TV. Consider the size that you want, and the features that you need: the more features, the more expensive the model will be, so only pay for what you will use. Make sure you have the wi-fi capability at home to support a smart TV, or alternatively look at purchasing a dongle to use the internet connectivity function.

Always try before you buy. Spend some time in a TV retailer, viewing different models and assessing quality. Choosing your TV in a shop environment such as Currys will also give the chance to talk on a one-to-one basis to experts, who will be able to advise you on how to buy the best smart TV for your needs. It’s also worth doing your own research online, by looking at both expert and consumer reviews of the top models.

Bear in mind that smaller brands may be cheaper, but in general the big brands such as Samsung and LG will be better quality and should offer more substantial warranties and support.

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