Although the global financial crisis had its toll at the International Consumer Electronics Show as it was smaller than it was last year, there was still a lot new for gadget lovers on display. Some of the most eye catching tech tools were from Sony, Samsung, Palm, Polaroid and LG.

Sony displayed the first digital camera to have a built-in Web browser. Though some other camera phones also use Wi-Fi to connect to Internet, the additional browser means the compact Cybershot DSC-G3 is much more flexible at uploading to photo-sharing sites like Flickr and Picasa. It will be available this month for $500.

Sony also disclosed its oven hot mini notebook system, the Vaio P Series Lifestyle having an 8-inch screen. The small gadget weighs 1.4 pounds tiny enough to fit into a regular bag easily. It runs Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Vista OS. It is loaded with a GPS sensor plus built-in mobile broadband features. Sony has replaced the regular touch pad with a “pointing stick to save space.” Anybody can put an advance order at the Sony Style website. Unusually the product is price tagged for $900.

Samsung put the Luxia line of high-end flat-panel TVs to display. The particularity of these sets is that they are lit with light-emitting diodes instead of the usual fluorescent tube. Though they’re not the first sets of the kind, yet Samsung, the largest seller of TVs in America, is making a big commitment to LEDs. The sets demonstrate eye-popping contrast, showing black images so deep that they were hard to differentiate from the black plastic bezel. As price was left in suspense, these sets are bound to be quite costly.

Palm Inc. was there with its new smart phone, The Pre, in competition with phones like Apple’s iPhone or latest BlackBerrys by Research In Motion Ltd. The Pre flaunts a big touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard which slides out. The Pre is announced to be available on Sprint Nextel Corp.’s wireless network soon. The price as usual was withheld.

Polaroid Corp. presented the instant camera with the ingenious twist of PoGo. The product is a mix of digital camera and a small color printer that could produce 2-by-3 inch, sticky-backed prints. This comes just after the company shut down manufacturing of film for its traditional cameras. The new camera is due to be available in the spring for $200.

Other prominent products on the display were Sony and LG LCD TV prototypes, LG wristwatch cell phone and the flat-panel TV from Southwire.

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