The weather is an unpredictable beast. Just when you think there’s a glimpse of spring on the horizon, you find yourself faced with bracing winds, plunging temperatures and snowflakes tumbling from the sky. Driving in wintry weather can be dangerous, even if you rate your skills and you’ve been driving for years.

If you commute to work, you’re planning a road trip, or you need to take the car out when there’s a substantial layer of white stuff on the road, you’ll need to make some plans before you travel. Check your route and pack the car. If the conditions are hazardous, make sure you’ve got a first aid kit, a torch and spare batteries, a car charger, a shovel and plenty of warm layers and blankets with you. Take snacks, bottled water and a flask of tea or coffee to keep you toasty on your travels and enter your destination into the sat nav. Before you set off, check the fuel and oil levels and your tire pressure. If there’s a light dusting of snow on the roads, you should be able to travel without any major issues, but reduce your speed, take extra care when negotiating corners and stay well back from the vehicle in front. Let people know when you set off and give them an idea of your estimated time of arrival. If the weather changes unexpectedly, and the snow becomes much heavier, consider finding a safe place to pull over. If the car starts to skid or lose traction, use a low gear to go downhill and be prepared to drive into a skid. Before you set off, take a look at this infographic and listen out for warnings. If the weather is horrendous, don’t take unnecessary risks.

Infographic design by Intelligent Car Leasing

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