Tassaneewan Laksanasopin and Tifanny Guo have come up with a smartphone which may be helpful in controlling the spread of the deadly disease AIDS.

Along with researchers in the biomedical engineering department at the Colombia University, Laksanasopin and Guo have come with an accessory for a smartphone which enables it to detect HIV with just a simple prick on the finger. At just $34 it can deliver accurate results in 15 minutes.

Due to its inexpensive and accurate nature at the detection of HIV, researchers believe that the device is capable of making a significant impact in controlling AIDS in Africa and the rest of the world. Detection of HIV at initial stages can help in controlling its spread especially in pregnant women. It has been reported by the Center for Diseases Control that women who have managed to detect HIV in the early stages and begin taking the antiretroviral medication lower the risk of transmission of the virus in the offspring to less than a percent.

The device has been tested in Kigali, Rwanda and the outcome has been promising. The results of the 96 patients who participated have been on par with other commercial tools.

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