Hitachi UT37X902 is remarkably slim. Diagonally it is 37″ and this Director’s Series Flat Panel HDTV model is part of Hitachi’s ultimate UltraThin HDTV Series. It features a very stylish 360 degree high gloss finish with a dramatic Black Sapphire Crystal Frame.

This Director’s Series display panel features Full HD1080P resolution picture in HDTV. The picture is enhanced by 120Hz Panel Speed with Motion Interpolation. This video processing technology actually upgrades all television broadcast signals to 120 frames per second for sharper clarity of picture on your LCD screen.

Hitachi’s new exclusive film processing technology called Reel120 Film de-Judder creates new frames to perfectly match the motion of movies. This technology reduces the blurring of the images and judder in film-converted-to-video.


120Hz with Motion Interpolation Video processing technology that upgrades all signals to 120 frames per second for more clarity.

Design is superb, it enhances the beauty of any living environment. It has 360° High Gloss Finish and the monitor are designed so that the images can be seen beautifully from any angle.

Backlighting technology from Hitachi called EEFL has been used which gives the television more vibrant and bright look of the picture.

It contains 2.07 million pixel array for delivering the highest resolution standard available in the industry today

Automatic 2:3 Film Enhancement For content that is originated on film, Hitachi 2:3 film enhancement ensures that each and every video field is constructed from a single film frame for smoother reproduction of film to achieve the highest resolution possible.

Game Mode in the TV allows users for the fastest game response possible by disabling detection processing which is unnecessary for gaming.

There are many advanced controls available including the custom color temperature adjustment and three types of noise reduction.


It has only two inputs one for HDMI and the other one for PC.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Ultra thin panel
  • 120 Hz refresh rate for excellent clarity
  • Reel120 Film de-Judder technology of film processing
  • Full high definition of 1080p resolutions


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