Hitachi P50X902 HDTVHDTVs are quite in demand these days. In fact, the latest technologies which are purposeful always capture people’s hearts. High Definition Televisions belong to such technology which has offered better and clearer picture quality to the users. This is why; people want to have one such display mounted on their lounge walls. One such Plasma HDTV has been released by Hitachi and is named P50X902.

The main specs are as follows:


  • 1080p24
  • Three 24pHDMI inputs
  • Deep Color/x.v. Color Performance
  • PictureMaster HD VI Processor
  • Power Swivel Stand


The most significant feature of this TV is that though it is an HD television; it delivers non HD, standard definition material quite well unlike most of the HDTVs. Mostly, the standard definition material looks really awful on HDTVs. This TV has a great TV scaler and image processor.

The setting up is made easier with the help of setup wizard and on screen TV Guide. By pressing the remote’s Guide button, and the full screen menu that will appear bears the TV Guide logo, too. The remote is completely backlit, and is programmable. Navigating through channels is quite easy, and it will remind you of a future show when the time comes, if you have set a reminder. Sound system of this HDTV is pretty fine, though the higher notes are not easy to listen. Thus, decreasing the volume fixes this problem.

This TV shows to some extent blurry images, which also lack details on the edges. Colors look dull, and the TV lacks contrast. The Swivel factor is a plus point of this HD television and allows you to turn the screen towards you or at another angel remotely. The settings range is great, as you can personalize almost every feature on this TV.

Product’s Unique Selling Points:HDTV

On screen TV guide
Backlit remote control
Mute button turns on closed captions
Flexible picture adjustments
Nice Standard Definition Picture


Not so great HD image quality
Very expensive
Not very impressive speakers

Final Words:

Though this Plasma TV shows fine images, the high price tag and the not very awesome picture quality doesn’t make it a fine choice.

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