Mobile technology has done wonders. It has changed our way of communication and revolutionized our lives. Social connectivity has been redefined; payment transfer is much easier and even health facilities can be enjoyed with this amazing technology. Mobile World Congress 2012 was recently held in Barcelona on 27 February 2012 to celebrate the advancements of mobile technology. The event lasted four days and has been the greatest hit of the year. Nokia had been lucky enough to host the opening press conference of this huge event. Let’s look at some of the highlights of this huge event.

Photo by LGEPR

Wide Screen Phones

Wide screen phones are in trend. Samsung Galaxy Beam was the talk of the Congress. Apple, Sony and HTC also exhibited their phones featuring sharp screens, and good display.  These devices are lighter, thinner and small but the screens also extend to the edge and graphics quality is amazing.

More Megapixel Cameras

Nokia again took the lead with its 41-megapixel camera phone. Chief Executive Stephen Elop was excitingly showing the Nokia’s 808 PureView that has an exceptional camera. 13 megapixel devices were mostly popular in the Congress.  It is anticipated that Nokia’s Lumia Windows Phones will set a new trend in mobile market.

Fast Processing Devices

Devices with fast Processors using four cores not only excited the mobile fans but the game lovers could also look for some of the best gaming phones. Huawei showed its phones with new applications, fastest processing ability and high quality cameras. ”Mike Bell, an expert of Apple, told that ‘reference devices’ are anticipated from the company that will boost competition in the market.  Orange’s new super star is also expected soon. It will be an Intel phone and the company has been naming it “a Ferrari at a mid-range price”

Marvelous Exhibiters

Mobile World Congress 2012 has also been a greatest event for all the Asian mobile exhibiters. Huawei, Asus, ZTE, Fujitsu made their appearance with their new technology and outstanding mobile devices. , Huawei stole the charms of the show with the Ascend D Quad. The company is also manufacturing the world’s fastest smartphone with two to three days of battery life.

Mobile World Congress 2012 has exhibited some of the latest and best gadgets.  Let’s see how many more wonders mobile technology can do in the coming years.

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