It is not a surprise now that iPhone can output video to a TV within minutes even though Apple has certain hidden or crippled features. This has become possible with the game developers Freeverse and Ars Technica developing a little smart coding. The whole credit of hidden video output on TV goes to these game developers.

Freeverse made it happen by experimenting with its own iPhone Motor Chaser game. The Freeverse used the Motor Chaser game as a test bed and succeeded in hidden video output on TV, which has been considered a lead in video out put. The programmers of Freeverse say that they were able to get the TV-connected version of Motor chaser game within a few minutes of operating. And in three hours, the big-screen Moto Chaser game became fully functional, the Freeverse says.

The team of game developers used the latest version of iPod touch, with which it became operational to put the hidden video out put on the TV. The latest version of iPod was used because of its faster processor. It has a 532 MHz processor when compared to the iPhone’s 412MHz. The latest version of iPod with a faster processor made it possible for the Motor chaser game to be played at 20 frames per second.

Generally, 30 frames per second is the baseline for all commercial games. Even though 20 frames per second is not quite up to the mark, this is a true indication of better things t come in he future.

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