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The latest Linux system stacks up against Windows 7 operating system and has become the fresh new champion for Microsoft. If you have an analysis of what the two different systems are about to bring you then there are much speculations on the throw out there. The Windows 7 will be released on 22nd October. Since the release of Windows Vista this has been going around with a lot of buzz that the current Windows 7 must be opposing a lot of features brought out by Linux.

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Linux has been coming with a lot of factors with their new reformatting. The Windows 7 features have been up to spreading a lot of flame and fire to inspire Linux in upgrading its system by just releasing its unique systems. The magazine Linux Format has been putting out different ways through which Linux could be seen making improvements in its operation as against Windows 7.

The ignition of Linux’s interest in creating something that goes ahead of the competition is apparent due to the tons of promises that Windows 7 system has been making for people. They have also been leading their way with the free trial system for the first few months post-release, already showing sign for taking the Windows legacy of being the dominant operating system on planet. In fact the Windows 7 empowerment is all about bringing more to the already present Windows system.

Thus there remains more chance and possibility for Linux to feel enthusiastic about their new ways of growth, coming as a budge from their highest competitor. Linux has to use their new technologies to stay up ahead and coming near to top against the high end competition. As Linux comes forth with new developments, Linux users also have to be made aware of these technological advancements.

Both the operating systems now have distinctive features that occupy separate niche areas of the market. The pure propriety route for Microsoft will be forging a whole new relationship equation with its users. They will have new content providers, management system and hardware vendors that will bring full spectrum control of what they are doing afresh. Linux also stays quite open with their new ideas and media formatting system. Their support base is much different than that possessed by Windows.

They are working on to produce full drive that will release their new potentiality. The lifespan of Windows 7 should bring about a warning bell for Linux to grow and develop into new ways of alternative uses coming forth with their new up gradation. Digital rights, management of locked-in grades and such other deals have to be a part of their new technological growth. About 9 years back Windows XP was released brining about greater dimensions in Windows Operating System. Now they have worked onto something considerably different with sea changes in their hardware and software bases.

The EUC has also spent a good deal of time, effort and tons of money to get down Microsoft from its hounding, competitive ways. Windows 7 is still supposed to be making the same kind of impact through Europe. Windows users would be making quite some mistake if they found the Internet Explorer to be the only browsing system to the world of the internet. Charging one’s experience with other options also brings a sense of difference that we all could be making good use of.


The awareness that there are many different types of choices around us brings forth a lot of options open to our browsing experience. In fact with the pressure EUC has given to the Windows 7 there would not be any browser window provided at all and it will be up to the individual to install what one chooses.

Much has been said about the new range of compatibility and performance facilities rendered by the new improved system fro Microsoft. The fruits of labor are yet to be tested though it must be admitted that Vista hardware had shamelessly released a lot of gluttony through their up gradation policy.

Windows 7 performance has been quite the equivalent of Ubuntu release with the Linux moving quite faster in the test run. The file system booting and shut down time too had been one of the fastest known so far. The current set of benchmarks has pointed out the distinctive marks between the Ubuntu 9.04 and the Windows 7.

Windows 7 has thus not been up to Linux in speed record. Linux had been pitting against Windows 7 with their top speed record as the number one point in the pitching. The Linux against Windows test performance has all been released in the last 4 months to reveal the same type of speed. The 64 but Linux distribution has been happening through Windows 7 release. The Ubuntu Jaunty has been recorded to have boot speed for 35 seconds going about with the Fedora 11 release quite close to it in their ranking. The Fedora 11 takes about 39 seconds on release. By comparison it would take twice as long for the Windows 7 to boot up.

This would be around 69 seconds from putting power on to get to the desktop. This dramatic result from Linux has put many to question the rather high efficacy as proclaimed by the Windows 7. Even though it comes with faster RAM file transfer records Linux uses less RAM in its file transfer system. The default installation of Fedora 11 runs the Gnome on the desktop pretty successfully. Also Windows 7 uses the memory space of 458 MB while the Fedora uses only 233 MB. Much of the hype about Windows 7 is thus to the unbiased monopolization of the market with the belief ingested in greater nations that there are only limited options.


Monitoring this small part of the story is also something that does not make Windows one of the fastest and most efficient installations. Also it has also been apparent with its constant uses the wearing down and tearing up of several months of uses. These will definitely slow down its speed further. The comparisons have shown the XP version of Windows to be a lot more stable than this high end installation.

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