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Think before you act”, you might have heard this saying from almost all the elder ones. According to my belief, this is one of the most practical sayings as it helps one in every walk of life. Whether you are going to say something or are about to do a specific act; prior thinking is necessary. Therefore I am here to guide those of you who are planning to buy an HDTV so that they know about the key factors that have to be kept in mind; and thus do not make a mistake. After all, an HD television will cost you a fortune.

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There are few things to ascertain before buying an HDTV including choice of technologies, accurate size selection, specifications and features according to your concern etc.

LCD or Plasma:

Old debate, huh? Yes, it has become more like a cliché. But this is a fact that you need to determine whether you want a plasma TV or an LCD, because this is the first step in the way to buying an HDTV. I will not indulge into technicalities related to both kinds. In short, plasma renders more wonderful picture than LCD, however, it is less durable, requires more power, is more prone to burn-ins and is more expensive compared to LCD. Plasma TVs are available in bigger sizes; 37” to 65”.

As far as LCD is concerned, it is offered in smaller sizes i.e. 15”. Though LCD should be given preference for its cost effectiveness and durability, Plasma defeats it in the battle of contrast ratio, deep black, color accuracy, and vivid and clear picture.

Accurate Size:

Your fondness for 60” is not enough logic to buy it; consider your room size too. This is important to note that the size of your HDTV must be in harmony with the size of your room; else you will either be sitting one foot away from the TV or will be seated in the farthest corner of the room. Also, you will not want to go out shopping for a newer model after 12 months.


Aspect ratio, contrast ratio, deep blacks and resolution are also important to consider. Go for the model that offers best defined black, as it is an evidence of clearer picture. The greyer the blacks are; the more below par the picture quality becomes. As far as resolution is concerned, bigger TVs will offer 1080p while cheaper and smaller screens are available in 720p.


Perhaps the most important factor while buying anything is your budget. LCD is a better option if you have a low budget; whereas plasma is perfect where you have no problems of limited finance.

Video Connectivity:

Newer models have a lot of connectivity options which will prove useful in coming future. Apart from the conventional composite video, options include HDMI now. You must buy the TV with most HDMI connections so that you don’t have to plug out one device and insert the other. You might want to consider the latest connectivity option i.e. internet connectivity. 2010 is being awaited for the 3D option.

This was a short list of what you should consider and what to avoid while buying an HDTV. I hope that this proves helpful to all the readers and you benefit from it.

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