Updated Version of HD7

HTC gauge the changes in technology in superb way. That’s why it has recently updated the HD7 handset, which was launched in the beginning of last year. This new updated handset is named as HD7S. HTC has used super LCD screen that’s why it has added an extra “S” in the name of HD7.

Other features of HD7S are almost the same as that of HD7. It features 1GHz processor, 4.3-inches screen, internal storage of 16GB and camera with 5megapixels. HD7S is also a Windows 7 phone like HD7. HTC has introduced this updated handset to work parallel with the biggest network of U.S.A i.e. AT&T. Strategic took over of T-Mobile by AT&T has already marked it as the powerful network of U.S.A. HD7 was on hand only on T-Mobile before this strategic deal among T-Mobile and AT&T.

As a matter of fact Windows 7 phones did not gain much popularity as expected. That’s the reason different handset manufacturers are trying to enhance existing features and endeavor to introduce new features.

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