When you live next to the ocean, there’s a chance you or your girlfriends might like to surf. After all, there’s no feeling like being on top of a wave, riding the crest being at one with nature. It’s thrilling and awe-inspiring all at the same time.

So, what are great gift ideas for the surfer in your life? If you’re fond of a wave, then you might find that you’ll want to buy some of this stuff for yourself, it’s pretty rad! And it doesn’t need to cost the earth either, after all, that’s not what giving is all about. Putting a smile on someone’s face is priceless, so spread some joy this summer. The best thing about surfer girls is that they tend to be pretty laid back, so you can have some fun with what you choose.

Great Gift Ideas

1) Beachwear:

It’s impossible to have too much swimwear. Think bikinis, wetsuits, sarongs and swimming costumes. Look at what they’re wearing already and buy them a voucher for their favorite brand. They’re going to love it, and it’s not a lot of work for you. You’ll still appear as thoughtful though as you’ve gone for something they like and get to choose it themselves. Does the fear of buying the right thing usually send you into a blind panic? Well, here you go! Problem solved.


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2) Bling it up:

If your girlfriend can’t be on her board as often as she would like, then why not buy her some ocean-inspired jewelry? That way, she’ll always have at least part of the sea with her, even when not on the waves! Marine stones are always a good choice. Statement pieces made from shells are a firm favorite, too!

Bling it up

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3) Skincare essentials:

Spending a lot of time in the sea can mean skin can suffer. So consider some organic soaps or bathtime treats. Not only will they help her relax after a hard day on the stoke, but they’ll also make sure her complexion stays clear too. You can’t beat the feeling of soft, supple skin, and it shouldn’t be denied to anyone just because they surf. You can find some tropical treats on sites such as https://bubbleshackhawaii.com/ that are environmentally friendly.

Skincare essentials

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4) T-Shirt treats:

There is always a whole host of trendy T-shirts you can choose from online. Surfers like T’s and the quirkier, the better. Try and find something that is apt to their personality or interests alongside the sea. If you can combine one or more elements of their passions, then you’re definitely onto a winner.


T Shirt treats

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5) Life’s a beach:

Surf essentials are a great last minute go to gift. You can choose your price point, so you don’t blow the budget. Think things like board wax, towels, leashes and bags…. Or even a new board if you’re feeling ultra generous.

Are you a surfer or a beach babe? What’s your ideal gift? Help us help your friends by adding your suggestions below – and don’t hold back! Leave your tips in the comments.

Life’s a beach

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