Online shopping offers a fast and a tension free way to purchase the necessary and desirable items but many people avoid online shopping just because they don’t trust online stores. But now you can shop online without any tension because Google has started “Google Trusted Stores Program” that will enable online shoppers to confidently choose a reliable store for shopping.

Google started this program in 2011 fall and tested it with many stores, results of its testing stage were marvelous and above expectations. Now Google has opened the doors of this facility for all merchants of America. This initiative of Google will facilitate the online shoppers and merchants in multiple ways.

Google Trusted Store Badge-Name of Trust

Whenever you will make plans for online shopping and you come across “Google Trusted Stores Badge” that means you are on a reliable and a safe shopping place. For your ease, Google has also added grades that narrate quality of products and services of a particular merchant. Additionally, you will also find precise metrics that explain the grades.

Google Trusted Store Badge relates to only those stores that provides quality assured stuff for shopping. When it comes to online shopping people normally prefer those stores which are recommended by their friends/families but now you can enjoy the first time reliable experience of online shopping. The Google customer service team will help you for sure in case you face any problem after all it’s the matter of trust.

How it will Help Merchants?

Customer is king…. That’s what businessmen perceive about their customers and try their best to satisfy their needs. Google Trusted Stores will help online businessmen to grow their territory by attracting new customers. Google Trusted Store Badge will improve the credibility of websites and very soon you will see this badge on ads and shopping results of Google.

Success Stories

Testing of Google Trusted Stores revealed that it contributed positively in increasing the sales of  businesses in testing phase. For example Wayfair is the biggest online retailer of home goods and being known as Google Trusted Store helped it to increase its sale up to 2.3%. Similarly Beau-Coupe an online gift retailer faced a 8.9% increase in its sales.

It’s Free for Online Stores and Shoppers

Google Trusted Store Badge positively affects the conversion rates of websites and merchants will be pleased to read that it is free of cost. Customers and online stores don’t need to pay a single penny to enjoy the facility of this great innovation by Google. Google just wants to facilitate merchants and people who love online shopping and want to enjoy it through a reliable source.

What are you waiting for? If you are a merchant and wish to grow your business apply for Google Trusted Store Badge.

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