On Wednesday, Google Inc has released the software that would allow the mobile phone users and other wireless devices to automatically share their locations with their friends and family members. Users from more than 27 countries have come forward to share their location with the other users constantly using the application called Google Latitude. Google also mentioned on its website that it can allow the users to control when to send the information and go offline at any point.

At the time of announcing the service, Google said that they understand the sensitivity that is attached to the data and hence they have developed finely tuned privacy controls that are fully functional in the application. You not only control who can view your exact location but you can also decide the location they are able to see. You can also track the whereabouts of your friends from the Google Map application. Such an application is similar to the one that was introduced by Loopt.

Other cell phone carriers such as Verizon, Vodaphone have already been offering this service by Loopt and it also happens to work in the iPhone by Apple. The Latitude by Google shall be working on all the Symbian S60 devices and Windows Mobile as well as a few T-1 mobile phones that work on the Android software by Google.

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