Google Reader Play

Yesterday Google released a new fantastic application from the Google Labs which is called the Google Reader Play and this application gives you a visual way of browsing through the most saved and shared content on Google Reader.

Photo by bpedro

When you will launch this application you’ll be directed on the screen where all the contents are provided in the lower bar and with the help of your mouse you can click on any content (photo, video or other) to get more details of it on the main screen. A good thing about it is that Signing in is not mandatory for you and you can access it without sign in but for getting more enhanced features out of it you should sign in first.

After you sign in to this application it lets you to share the contents with others and also shows you the content first which your friends have shared on Google Reader. The concept is more than similar with StumbleVideo but a difference is that on Google reader you can have other content than only videos. From the development of Buzz recently and now Google reader it seems that Google is trying to get more advanced in the sharing business by encouraging more direct sharing.

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